I Disagree, You Can Love and Study Engineering Simultaneously

A letter in response to “Being In A Relationship and Studying Engineering May Not Be For Everyone”

Always believed that one can find a way to make things work. You can study engineering and be in a relationship as well.

Earlier, I read this story about how being in a relationship and being an engineering student don’t go really well together. In the story, the writer shares her experience about falling in love with someone and how it lead her from getting distracted from her studies While I feel bad for what happened to her, I have a few things to say argue about her point.

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One. Engineering is hard but it shouldn’t stop you from opening your heart to anyone out there. 

Yes, I understand that there are so many demands from studying this course. I also understand that it takes up so much of our time that it is scary to get distracted – especially if the pressure to graduate as soon as we can is there. However, you cannot hide your heart from the world. You will meet someone who would one day sweep you off your feet. You don’t have to fall in love with that person necessarily but you shouldn’t stop yourself from opening up your self to the possibility that people are going to enter your life. Don’t be afraid to let people inside your heart just because you need to focus on your studies.

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Two. If it’s really love, being in a relationship will inspire you to do better in engineering school. 

While some romanticize the ‘you-and-me-against-the-world” love stories, I know from experience that to be able to truly one person allows you to do better things instead of destroying yourself in the process. Real love is constructive and helpful. If two people really love each other in a relationship, both should allow each other to grow individually. Both should support each other in every major decision made in their lives.

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Three. Love and engineering are about making one’s life better.

We were trained by our professors to always find solutions in everyday problems. As engineers, it is our responsibility to help out other people and make sure we provide the best option to have the best life possible. This also goes for love. If you can’t make your partner (and even your own life) better from being in that relationship, then maybe it’s not love at all.

To end this note, I’d like to say it again: Engineering and being in a relationship can go well together. It just depends on the person. So choose who you love wisely. Don’t be afraid to open your heart to the right people and learn how to balance things. I guess, at the end of the day, love and engineering should be about making helping other people and ourselves in the process.

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I Disagree, You Can Love and Study Engineering Simultaneously

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